Site Owner Workshop

This one-to-one workshop is aimed at individuals or business owners who already run a WordPress web site but want to learn how to use it more effectively, and incorporate some of the more powerful features available on the WordPress platform. There is no hard and fast agenda to this workshop, it is geared towards your particular requirements and tailored specifically to ensure that you get the very best value out of the day.

Analysis and Planning
We will look at what you currently have in place, discuss any particular problems you may be having, challenges you may face in the future, and how you would like to develop your site over the coming months. This will then lead on to identifying the possibilities available to you, some if not all will then be worked on for the rest of the day.

Dependent upon the decisions made in the first session we will start to incorporate the changes and updates identified.

In order to get the best from this workshop it is recommended that you have the following as a minimum;


1. A self-hosted WordPress web site already live.
2. Administrator access to the WordPress dashboard.
3. An outline plan of how you want to improve your web site.


1. Basic HTML knowledge.
2. Basic CSS knowledge.

Site Owner Workshop
Duration: 1 day / 11am – 3pm
Workshop Fee: £295*

* Price includes the workshop fee only. Additional component costs identified as necessary to meet objectives may be incurred but will be discussed with the client prior to any purchases being made.