Email Marketing Workshop

This one-to-one workshop is aimed at individuals or business owners who want to harness the power of email marketing, grow a mailing list and have the facility to easily publish beautiful looking HTML emails that enhance and reinforce their brand, with the aim of increasing revenues.

Analysis and Planning
We will look at what you currently have in place, discuss how you plan to use email marketing in your business, what your objectives are and how they can be measured.

We will then identify the tools available to you (most of which are free to a point) and decide which are most relevant to meet your requirements.

Implementation & Integration
The next stage will involve integrating the chosen tools in to your web site, allowing you to capture email addresses which will automatically be added to your growing mailing list.

HTML Marketing Templates
We will then configure templates (or bespoke designed HTML emails – may incur additional cost), which compliment your existing brand identity and can be used to publish marketing material to your mailing list, driving traffic back to your web site with the aim of increasing revenues.

In order to get the best from this workshop it is recommended that you have the following as a minimum;


1. A self-hosted WordPress web site already live.
2. Administrator access to the WordPress dashboard.
3. An outline plan of how you want to use email marketing in your business.


1. Basic HTML knowledge.
2. Basic CSS knowledge.

Email Marketing Workshop
Duration: 3 hours / 10am – 1pm
Workshop Fee: £99*

* Price includes the workshop fee only. Additional component costs or subscriptions identified as necessary to meet objectives may be incurred but will be discussed with the client prior to any purchases being made.