Download Course Modules

The course modules are delivered as downloadable PDF documents.

Module 1.
Domains, Hosting & WordPress Terminology
Module 2.
Hosting, Reseller Accounts & Domain Registration
Module 3.
WordPress Install on hosting server
Module 4.
WordPress Dashboard, Themes, Plugins & Widgets
Module 5.
Basic Site build in 2 hours workshop
Module 6.
WordPress Page & Post Edit Toolbar
Module 7.
Basic HTML Essentials & Indispensable CSS
Module 8.
Site launch, XML Sitemap & SEO Fundamentals
Module 9.
DNS Configuration & Domain Transfers
Module 10.
Ongoing Maintenance & Support
Module 1 – 10.
Complete bundle of all 10 modules
NOTE: This course was originally developed back in 2014.  A lot has changed technology wise since then, particularly with WordPress and associated tools and components.  Although much of the information in the course is still current and vital for you to learn, we make the 2014 course downloadable at very low cost as a taster. Bear in mind we can teach you many more advanced development techniques than are contained in the PDF version.